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TITLE - The league will be called ‘The Rhymney Valley Snooker League’

1.AREA - The league will cover the Rhymney and Sirhowy valleys, from Rhymney and Tredegar to the north and Taffs Well and Newport to the south. Teams from outside this area can participate with the approval of the League Committee.

2.LEAGUE FUNDS - Funds will be deposited into a bank account. Transactions will be authorised by any 2 of  the named holders. The Committee should ensure the league remains solvent at all times and be maintained at a level of at least £1000 credit where possible inclusive of all bonds.

3.LEAGUE RULES - All games to be played in accordance with the rules of the W.P.B.S.A. with accepted Rule amendments as per league agreement.
a).Any additional rules can only be changed or amended at an Annual General Meeting under Change of Motion applications.
b). All teams becoming a member of the league shall accept all league rules & Their Variations.
c).   The official Foul & Miss Rule has a (League Modification), this is in operation for Team Matches, Team Cup Games and is limited to be called 3 times If WPBSA Rules allow this. (See Rules 201).

4.DELEGATE COMMITTEE - The Delegate committee will be formed by each team having one representative with 1 full voting power.

5.LEAGUE OFFICERS - The league shall appoint at the AGM the following officers;
Chairman,  Secretary and Treasurer plus any other position thought necessary.
These officers may represent a team at the meetings but only the Chairman will hold a casting vote when required.

6.LEAGUE FEES - All teams joining the league shall pay a bond amount of (£20.00) and will be held by the League until a team ceases to participate where upon the Bond Money shall be refunded.
a).Bond Money may not be refunded due to gross misconduct, unpaid Fees outstanding, Fines implemented.
b).Total Annual Fees Will be announced by the Treasurer and agreed by all delegates annually at the AGM.

7.CONSTITUTION OF A TEAM - Rhymney League Teams are made up of Five (5) players and This will form a team. A) If a team only has three available players for the match night then the match must go ahead and the team will commence the match conceding 2 frames/(two points).

a)All Players entering the League Automatically agree Not to bring the League into Disrepute, Generally or on any Social Media Site. If such a matter is discovered then the Player/s or Team will be immediately suspended waiting the Next League Meeting whereby the matter will be addressed & Resolved.
b)All teams that join the league will honour all of the Constitution and All of its rules.
c)Teams to be registered at the AGM or Latest  7 days of the AGM.
d)Players must be listed by first meeting of the season and can only play for the team they have been registered with.
e)Registration of new players close on the 31st December or Midway of season, whichever arrives first.
f)Transfer of players will be at the discretion of the League Management Officers.

9.LEAGUE FORMATION - The league will comprise of two or more divisions with top two teams being promoted from each division, and the bottom two teams in each division being relegated at the end of each season.
a)If divisions become unequal due to teams entering or leaving the league, the number of teams promoted or relegated may alter to level up the divisions.
b)New teams entering the league will be placed in a division at the discretion of the committee, but on the whole,  new teams will automatically commence from the lower division.
c)A fixture list will be provided by the Secretary before the start of the new season.

10.POINTS - One point will be awarded for each frame won in a match. W/O to be entered on result card for any frame not played thus giving a point to the opposite team for a void player.
a).The League tables will be determined by most points collected by the teams.
b).Final Positions: to determine relegation or promotion positions: In the event of teams becoming equal at the end of the season then a play-off will take place at the first possible date. This will be organised by the Results Secretary.

11.LEAGUE MEETINGS - Meetings will be held at regular intervals, Usually the First Thursday of each month.  Dates will be set out at the start of the season and Shown on the fixture list.
a).Should a reason arise for a special meeting, EGM,  All Teams will be notified of such a date.
b).ATTENDANCE - Each team must have ONE delegate at any meeting. Failure to attend will impose a fine. (See Fines). Further or consistent Missed Meetings could lead to a team being expelled from the League.

12.FINES  - The following fines will be imposed for the following;

Each year the league will provide trophies (5 in total for each team) or prize Money to the winners &  runners up Possibly 3rd position of league matches ( funds permitting ). It may on occasions be unable to award certain cash prizes due to lack of sponsors /Funding but the league will issue a prize format at as early as possible of each season.
a)A List of Awarded Positions and Competitions will be available at the Beginning of the season.
b)It was agreed at season 2018-19, to introduce cash prizes in place of trophies. All award winning teams will be given the choice of cash or award at the end of the season.

14.PRESENTATION NIGHT - Will take place at a venue and on a date decided by the League Committee.
a.All Awards,  must be collected on presentation night.
b.Players unable to attend due to work commitments should notify the Secretary in advance and nominate someone to collect their prize on their behalf.
c. Any prize not collected on the night, will be kept / disposed of by the league.

All teams and players involved within the league automatically agree on having any match LIVE STREAMED. This agreement may not apply if it involves Youth Players, Parental agreement will be sort prior.

The League operates a PRIVACY POLICY which was a legal requirement and operational by the league from 1st August 2018. This policy can be seen via the website, also downloadable. or you can request one by sending an  email to: brian@rhymneysnooker.co.uk

17. All decisions concerning league matters will be decided at the delegates meetings and all decisions by the
delegates will be regarded as final. Any matters arising not covered by these rules will be dealt with at the delegates meeting.

League Rules - Procedures 2023/24

201.LEAGUE RULES - League Amendment to the Foul & Miss Rule

A  variation is operational for all Team Matches, Team Cup Games and individual KO's It is limited to be called 3 times and If  WPBSA Rules allow this but does not apply within any semi Finals or Finals when the League reverts back to FULL world rules.
Guide: Once the referee has Called the Foul & Miss for the 3rd Time the ball/s can be replaced for the last time, this then becomes the player's final attempt. If the player fails to hit the object ball the referee should only call a foul.
The Oncoming player has then the usual options of playing from where the cue ball comes to rest or passes the shot to his opponent.
If however, the referee believes, in their opinion, that there was no such attempt to hit the object ball, (Deliberate foul), then the referee WILL warn the player and call Foul & a Miss or Free-Ball whichever applies.
If a warning is given in any match then it is the Captains Responsibility to report it to the Fixture Secretary.

202.MATCH NIGHTS - All Team Matches to be Played on Wednesday Nights and commence at  7.30pm.
a. Matches cannot be cancelled except in special cases.  The League Fixture secretary must grant any such cancellation.
b.Matches can be played before the date scheduled as long as it's before the date and agreed by all Parties.
c.Failure to fulfil a fixture will impose a fine & A default Score Awarded accordingly (See  10 & 11).

a)A Draw will take place prior to match start,  All players names participating on the night are entered onto the match card in the order of the draw.
b)Order of play can be agreed by Captains if a player is running late / early leaving. Any disputes then play as per draw.
c)Providing a player arrives before the commencement of the last frame, he should be allowed to play.
d)Home teams to provide referees.
e)Home team will mark ‘spot’ for the duration of the match.
f)Total Points for each player to be entered on result card, Breaks to be entered and signed by both Captains.
g)Result Card to be texted & photo Scanned to be sent to the Result Secretary on night of the match.
You can Scan the result card and send as Picture message via Messenger / Whattsapp or Text.
h)Late Results and Cards (More than 48hrs) will impose a fine. (See Fines)

Paperwork will be issued at the relevant meetings to ensure registration for any tournament is made on time.
a)Paperwork will contain return dates and will be classed as the deadline date. Failure to return the form at the scheduled date will forfeit any entry into the tournament.
b)All participants within any Individual or cup matches  must be registered for that particular team and have already played within the current season. If a player has not played then there's possibility of a result being overturned by the Management committee.
c)All Draws to be made electronically, Live at each Meeting.
  On Occasions, draws may not be possible to be done at a meeting. The Draw will be made via video and posted on the website.
d)Once each round of the draw is Made Active, (Usually same night of the Meeting), then it is the responsibility of both parties to make contact, within 7 days of the draw, to arrange a date to play.
e)Failure to contact an opponent must be reported immediately to the Fixture Secretary. Notes will be made and advised.
f)Any Match not fulfilled by the Deadline date will result in a void match. Unless evidence is at hand with the Fixture secretary that all procedures were followed. (Conclusion will be made at this point).

As per (Rule 204) all rules apply.
a)All players are responsible for arranging their matches which must be played by the closing date for each round which is usually the Next general Meeting Date.
b)All Deadline Dates Including Semi Finals & Finals have dates included on the Fixture Sheet. The League is Reluctant to amend these dates due to Planning. Only on Special Circumstances will the dates for semi finals & Finals be amended.
c)Dress Code (210). is applicable for all Semi Finals & Finals.
d)Any Player/s attending, Not in dress code on these occasions will forfeit the Match.
e)Semi Finals & Finals Commence 7.30pm Prompt.  Frame/s  could be deducted for every 15 minute late.

(Rule (7 ) & (204,a,b,c) apply).
a)League Cup Matches are initially played on a Home & Away Basis for the Prelim Round & 1st Round.
b)Frame Scores carry forward to any 2nd Leg. If after the 2nd Leg the Match is tied (3-3), then a draw must be made from the initial players  that attend the Evening. This then becomes a 1 Frame Decider.
c)If after the 1st Leg result, A Team wishes not to attend the 2nd Leg then they may do without penalty, and awarding the entire match to their opponents.
d)Semi Finals & Finals are based on 1 Leg at Neutral Venues.
e)All League Cup Matches commence at 7.30pm
f)A Draw is made initially to determine order of play, Then Played in that Order.
g)Home team in Referee frames, Score spot and return result and Scorecard.
h)Dress Code (210). is applicable for Semi Finals & Finals any player attending not in dress Code will be excluded from the match

207.LEAGUE CONSOLATION CUP (Sponsored Trebor Nasus)
(Rule (7 ) & (204,a,b,c) apply).
a)This Competition is designed for the losers of the Main League Cup, Bad up of the 1st 2 Round Losers.
b)The 3 Miss Rule is applied to ALL stages of this competition, inclusive of Semi's & Finals.
c)Same procedure as a normal match night ( 203(a) ) is applied before commencement of the match to determine the draw.
d)After a toss of the coin the Winner will then be able to select the first pairing of the draw, this then becomes the opposite preference for the frame after and alternating throughout.
e)A Player handicap is also awarded for any lower division team playing a higher division team. This is Set at ...15pts... per player and is added to the scoreboard at the start of each frame.
f)Refereeing is shared, Winner of first pairing referees frames 1,3,5. and remain spot on scoreboard.
g)Dress Code (210). is applicable for Semi Finals & Finals any player attending not in dress Code will be excluded from the match

(Rule (7 ) & (204,a,b,c)Apply with additions).
a)All Matches to Commence at 7.30pm
b)Teams Play with 5 Players, if however a team have fewer players, then each vacant place result in awarding 147 points to their opposition.
c)On day of scheduled Match, each Captain will receive their Team Handicap by text. This is entered onto the Scorecard on arrival of the venue and in presence of the opposing Captain.
d)Captains write their chosen order of play on a separate sheet then marry both  onto the Match Scorecard in the order chosen.
e) Handicap Cup is based on Accumulative Points, therefore all points on the table must be cleared and added to the Scorecard.
f)Dress Code (210). is applicable for Semi Finals & Finals any player attending not in dress Code will be excluded from the match.

a)On the whole, all matches (League & Cup) commence at 7.30pm unless otherwise agreed or changed at season commencement. All will be notified in advance on the Fixture Sheet, Website, Monthly Draw.
b)Cup Matches- Teams are to ensure they allow sufficient time to make the draw and be ready to play first frame at the correct commencement time (7.30pm).

Dress Code is applicable for  Semi Finals & Finals. This comprises the wearing of Trousers, Shoes and a collared Shirt/Polo Shirt.
Failure to comply with the dress code will result in the player/s being excluded from the match and point awarded to theopposition.

Additional Tournaments can be added annually, Formats etc will be advised.
U21's Tournament- format, dates and Venue/s to be decided annually.

The League Works Tirelessly finding Sponsors which in return have a certain amount of respect as they help keeping the league running.  With signed agreements in place the sponsors, on occasions it may clash with a players having home advantage.
The league will do all it possibly can to uphold fairness to all players. However if an match involves  a match being played within a players home venue then all players agree, by joining the League, that this is acceptable  due to sponsorship.  NO objection can be made.
We the committee, will endeavour to arrange play on a neutral table wherever possible.
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